Product Review: Stonyfield Organic Yobaby Yogurt

Yesterday I went shopping and decided to look at yogurts. I have never been a big yogurt fan thanks to those brands that have the whole fruits in the bottoms…it just weirded me out. Like everything else that is packaged, I had a very difficult time finding one that was whole milk and was not “non-fat”. The first place I looked actually had this brand that I will be reviewing, but it was zero fat, although it was organic whole milk and had a lot of active cultures in it. I decided that I wanted something that was not non-fat.

When I went shopping at Costco, I saw this brand again, but it wasn’t non-fat! So obviously I bought it. The funny part about it – it’s actually made for babies. Why babies would need yogurt is a mystery to me if they’re being breastfed.

yobaby yogurt

The two flavors that come in the Costco package are banana and vanilla

As you will learn about me, I am not afraid of most fats, specifically saturated fats. But I will leave that for another post. If you’re one of those people who is anti-fat you can try the zero fat one, but even this version only has four grams of fat.

The actual yogurt itself is very tasty and both flavors are light, not overpowering. All the ingredients are organic and as I mentioned earlier there are six active cultures in it. That is why I got the yogurt, to make sure I have enough flora in my gut. I think the only bad thing I have to say about this yogurt is the amount of sugar in it – 12 grams for the banana and 13 grams for the vanilla. So if you’re trying to cut down on sugar, I would look for some full fat Greek yogurt. If you’re looking for that, you’ll probably have to go to a specialty store like Whole Foods, Town and Country, Central Market, and even Trader Joes might have some.

Overall, I really like what this Yobaby yogurt has to offer. Good for the young and the young at heart.


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