Change, it is the way of life

Change. Some people are afraid of change. Others welcome it. There are many different kinds of changes, some small that hardly affect anything at all and some so massive it changes the course of history. However you feel about change, it’s actually impossible to stop it. All you can do is adjust and adapt to it.

But you can also purposefully make change. One that comes to mind that many people wish to make is how much they weigh, or how they look. Another is being more organized or procrastinating less. You see, everyone wants some sort of change, and most of the time, that change is for the better.

The problem is that people don’t always follow through with their changes. Then they start to pity themselves, think that they don’t have the will power to make the change they want. Or, even worse, they make excuses for why they couldn’t change. I think there are several reasons why this ‘failure’ comes about.

People expect things to change overnight. While it is true that some things to happen quickly, most of the time when you are trying to change something about yourself, it is going to take a while. How to fix it? Be patient. Every time you “mess up” just start over again. And again, and again until whatever you’re trying to change has.

Another thing people often think is that there is only one way to accomplish a certain change. There can be general guidelines, but there is no formula to successfully do something. Think of all the languages that the world has come up with. If you are trying something, like becoming more organized or coming up with a spending plan and it isn’t working for you (and you’ve tried it again and again to no avail) change your approach, don’t just give up completely.

Basically, you have to find what works for you. In the future, I will have pages of different ways to make different changes so that you can have easy access and try out different tactics.

Changing yourself is difficult. But it can be done, with the right frame of mind, perseverance, and patience. Keep up the good work and know that it will pay off.


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