Wholistic Living: a day in the life of me

Today was such a wonderful day that I just had to post about it. I feel that this kind of day embodies the Wholistic ideal.

I was awakened by the sun and laid in bed, cuddling Noodle, my cat, until I was ready to get up. I took a shower, got dressed, started a load of laundry and then started scrubbing my shower. My cleaning tools? Baking soda, vinegar, a grout scrubber, and a spongy cloth. No harsh chemicals whatsoever.

Yesterday I had made a menu for the week and figured out which ingredients I would need and where I should get them. After I finished cleaning the bathroom, I ate a pear, hung my laundry to dry and headed out to the store with the most ingredients, so that I could make at least one meal for tonight. I bought only the ingredients I needed, although it was tempting to buy other things.

When I got home, I put the groceries away, played on the computer a little, made some calls, had some yogurt, then went outside to lay in the beautiful sunshine for about 20 minutes, soaking up my vitamin D. I try to go out into the sun for 15-20 minutes whenever it’s sunny out to get my optimum level of D.

Soon after I was done with my sunbathing, the guy from the auto-repair place came to fix the chip I had, only to discover that it was just sap that was stubbornly stuck on my windshield! Was I ever thankful.

I went inside and worked for about an hour on my resume. I completed all of the success stories for the resume, which is the bulk of it, so I have a good part of my resume done.

Because I didn’t really feel like working  on my resume any more, I decided to inventory some of our stuff for the upcoming move. That meant taking pictures, writing what the thing was and how much it cost. It’s a little tedious, but I’m also doing this for insurance purposes, which I’m sure I will be glad I did if anything ever happens. I only did a little, but it was also about an hours worth. If I do a little each day, soon it will all be done.

After doing that, I played on the computer some more before making an early dinner. Oregano parsley chicken as well as green beans with onions, bacon and garlic in them. There were some green beans left, which will actually go perfect in the crustless Quiche I plan to make later this week. It was all so tasty and filled me up.

To finish my grocery shopping for the day, I walked to the stores where I would buy some more ingredients, getting in a little exercise for the day. It felt good to be walking out in the sun. And I fended off the urge to “reward” myself for having done such a good job today.

When I got home, I started dusting and de-cobwebbing my place. I have to do this quite often because we get an abundance of spiders and the dust/pollen in this area is terrible – I need a mask when doing this job. I found at least three spiders today.

Then I did the dishes, wiped down the kitchen and sat down to write this. Wow, I did a lot. I didn’t really realize until I wrote it all down. Then I keep remembering things I did, but I won’t include all of them. These are just the highlights. I had a low-stress day that was productive, included good food, some exercise and some play time.

Obviously not every day is going to be like this. But it’s good to point these days out when they do, so you can remember them when you do have a bad day.

The best part was that today I had absolutely no added sugar! I am feeling so much better since limiting my sugar, more productive and in a better mood. Tomorrow feels like it will be good too. Good night everyone and have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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