Move Deliberately

So many of our actions are responses to stimuli around us. Our body is often on automatic, almost like we’re going through the motions. We put our bodies on automatic so our mind is free to think of other things. Doing this creates a disconnect between our mind and body.

Today, my energies felt so scattered, because I cheated last night on my no extra sugar hiatus. Instead of getting down on myself, I challenged myself to change how I was feeling. My mind was going a million miles a minute and disconnected from my body, so I slowed my mind down by moving deliberately. I started thinking about my movements. To help me, I put on some meditation music.

Moving deliberately is really difficult. All the itches you scratch, the adjustments to your hair, clothes, body positioning is subconscious. To think about each one means you need to slow your mind down. Often this means you need to slow your movements. It is a really great exercise to help you become aware of your body and surroundings.

So, while you are sitting there, take a moment to become aware of your body. Feel yourself sitting in the chair. Feel your feet on the ground. Be aware of any movements you make and try to think of doing that action. Concentrate on your breathing. Focus your mind on you and your movements. Avoid your mind wandering to the things you must do. They can be done later. Focus, be aware of your physical body.

This exercise becomes especially interesting when you try it while doing a task. For instance, this whole article is being written deliberately. I think about each word as I type it. I think about each sentence. So, it has taken me longer to write this, but I am exercising my mind-body connection. Before writing this article, I was doing some yoga to help me slow down and become aware of my body. Sometimes my mind drifted, often to writing an article about it. So I told my mind that after I was done with Yoga, I would write this post. I was then able to concentrate on my movements.

I have even had some interruptions while moving deliberately. My neighbors tripped their fuse, which happens to be in my apartment, so I was called to switch my focus. But I was able to move deliberately. My energy has slowed down to a comfortable speed so that I can go about my day in a productive level.

Try this exercise for five minutes today. Try doing the laundry in this manner, any mundane task will do. See how you feel afterward. It is a big difference.


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