Reasons to Go Green

Is global warming real or imagined? For me, I don’t care about it. I do care about the environment, of course. That is why I clean with vinegar, baking soda, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Seventh generation dish soap, and Bright Green laundry detergent (or another biodegradable detergent). I also hang dry my clothes (with the occasional dryer load for bedding). I use rags and microfiber cloths, using paper towels for big nasty clean ups only. I recycle almost everything that I can, including clothes and unwanted items by giving them to GoodWill. Most of the time, I try to buy items used, and am in the process of really delving more into that practice. When I’m not using an electronic, I unplug it, turn off the lights when I’m not using them, and replace as many bulbs with energy-efficient ones.

I think that people have blown the whole global warming thing out of proportion. They have forgotten what’s really the core issue. We need to take care of our environment because we are NOT separate from it. You can compare it to the things that you use around the house. If you do not take care of an item, it will break or become useless quickly. The Earth is going to experience climate change whether we are the cause or not. My philosophy is do what you can and let what happens happen.

But there are a couple more reasons to go green: Your wallet and your health. Seriously. My main cleaners are vinegar and baking soda. I only do laundry twice a month, and dishes are dishes. I have no need for Clorox bleach or other disinfectants because vinegar does that for me. Guess how much a gallon of vinegar costs me? Three dollars. I also use it as a fabric softener for my laundry, which also freshens the clothes. I use baking soda to scrub the grout in my shower, and once a month on my carpets to keep them smelling fresh. I bought a ton of it at Costco for ten dollars back in October of 2009 and I’m not even halfway through it. There is no need for all those other expensive cleaners. You can even make your own laundry detergent using washing soda and some other ingredients. As far as using less energy, come on, it saves you money! Why would you not do that?

Health is the big reason that I am green, at least when it comes to the products I use. All of my cleaners are green and I’m down to the last of my beauty products that aren’t natural (I’m tempted to throw them away…I just want to be done with them. But it’s so hard for me to do it. At the same time, I don’t want to be using chemicals on myself…the agony!). There are SO many environmental toxins, why would you expose yourself to more when you’re at home? There are so many alternatives.

So go green for whatever reason you choose. The most important reason should be your own health, and the health of those around you (children and pets). The fact that it costs less is awesome and that it helps the environment is just another perk. Whether global warming is a sham or not shouldn’t matter.


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