Right now, there is a struggle inside of me. With some of the changes I’ve made to my life, I am wanting some material things that will help with the lifestyle change. For instance, I am cooking more whole foods, learning how to cook, trying new recipes. I recently purchased a blender/food processor. I also would like a crock pot (I’ll be working soon so it would be nice to just turn it on in the morning and have dinner ready when we get home), a bread pan, egg beaters, and a spice rack with jars. I really could do without these things, but I want to start making my own mayo, try out making frosting, making my own chicken stock, learn how to make proper soups with that chicken stock and some of those things will make it easier for me. I can probably hold off on a lot of these things, but I’ll need the spice jars and rack soon, I have a lot of spices/herbs in plastic bags from my source. It is pretty much a necessity.

But with the food processor and blender, I really don’t need those other things. I have a whisk. Everything else can really be handled by what I have. It’s just difficult for me to want these things (and more as the move comes closer) when I have gotten along wonderfully without them. And really, I am not going to make frosting all that often.

I would also like to get a tent so that Jason and I can go camping. We both love it, so we would get good use out the gear. I want a new, more powerful vacuum so that I don’t have to work as hard with the vacuum I currently have. We’re going to be moving into a bigger place, so we would like a table and chairs for the dining area as well as a couch or love seat for the living room. With a lot of the stuff, we plan on going garage-saling and bargain hunting, so we probably won’t spend all that much money. But as I said in No Material Needs, it is a freeing thing to not want anything. Obviously, I’ve lost that place a little bit because I’ve started thinking about what I want when I get to Oklahoma. I want to plant a small garden, we need to get bikes, we want a sofa and dining table, it looks like we might need to get a washing machine. Material things can bog you down, and I’ve gotten to a point of not having a lot of material things. I really don’t want to add more.

But it’s also not necessary for me to live in poverty either. We will occupy only as much space as we have. We’ll have a little more room (the smallest houses that are available are 2 bedrooms), so I guess it’s okay to have some more things to make that place comfortable. When life changes, the material needs/wants are going to change too, I suppose. Let me know what you guys think.


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