Forced to get a car

I am really pissed off right now because everyone that is working with my husband on base is pressuring him into getting a freaking car. When I was talking about moving here to someone, they said that I would want to have a car because everything is spread out. You know what?! We’re doing just fine without a car because we’re in the middle of everything. Apparently they scolded him for not getting a ride around base when he had to do things. “Why didn’t you get a ride?” He had a rain coat. What business of theirs is it? Sure they need to make sure that he’s safe, but we have all the safety gear we need for bikes. Plus, we ride mainly on sidewalks and residential streets. This makes me so mad, their mentality is so lazy! Where I come from (the West Coast) it’s really difficult to bike because there are so many hills. Here, it’s perfect for biking, yet I hardly see even half the people riding bikes that do on the west coast. We’re saving money on gas and insurance because we want to pay off our student loans in 3 years or less. We do not have the money for a car, we have no need for a car because we are not going to movies (closest movie theater is 10 miles away), we don’t go to the casino EVERYTHING WE NEED IS WITHIN TWO FREAKING MILES! It’s none of your GODDAMN business how we get around as long as we’re doing it safely.

If you couldn’t tell, this is really making me mad because they are getting in MY way of paying off my student loans early. We’re going to see if getting a moped scooter will get them off his back, because the higher ups are starting to get on his case. That’s $700-$1000 (with titles, tags, and such) that could go towards our loans. Of course, we’ll take it out of our car fund, because with a scooter it would just prolong the lack of need for a car. Insurance wouldn’t be too bad, neither would gas, most scooters get 85 mpg. So financially, we can do a scooter, but it just really pisses me off the idea that we need a car. As I said before EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is within two miles of us, which is nothing on a bike, especially on flat land. It’s like it’s not safe on the streets without a car. I mean, we have more safety gear than most people I’ve seen on bikes in this area. I really want to go into his shop and bitch slap those assholes because they’re too lazy to even think of riding a bicycle everywhere. Or maybe ring their necks. Some sort of violent thing. With lots of yelling. And swearing. Because that seems to be the only way to get a point across to them.

Of course I would never do any of that because, truthfully, I am not a violent person. That and I would get arrested for trespassing and assaulting a member(s) of the Air Force. I am letting my rage out on here so it does not build up.

Truthfully, a scooter really wouldn’t be that bad, because we would probably only use one tank a month – him going to and from work. It just bugs me that they are trying to get him to “be like everyone else”. Well, everyone else is broke, in debt up to their eyeballs with no plan to get out of it, and has a multitude of diseases and health problems that they’re just treating the symptoms instead of the actual cause. Why should we be like them? I want to be myself.


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