Some insights

Haha, having a blog did not necessarily go as planned. I think that this will be something more along the lines of documenting how my journey of wholistic living is going.

So here are how things are going: Balance. That is my goal. It has been for a while. When I started this blog, I had recently discovered Dave Ramsey and so I started focusing on paying off student loans. We are almost under $100,000! Just a few months earlier, I stumbled upon Mark Sisson’s blog that talks about health and fitness. About a year later, I discovered FlyLady. Fly Lady provides a way to change your thinking about cleaning and organizing. Spiritually, I have found my path. Someday I will become a priestess of the tradition.  It has been up and down, as I have had a lot of life changes since I last wrote, so I have not been on these programs 100% the whole time. But I have come back to them because they are what speaks to me as a person.

Recently, via Dave Ramsey, I found out about the Wheel of Life:

Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Family, and Social.

These are things that are important to have goals in. For me this has been an epiphany. Goals are important to be able to accomplish things, they give you a direction to go in. For a while, I feel like I make progress in an area and then it fizzles out. My epiphany was that I did not have specific goals. So here are mine:

Career – I am currently the area manager for a company. I was promoted to this position in July. Getting the position made me realize that I need to become a leader. Becoming a leader will also help me in my other career goals. I eventually am going to become a holistic practitioner. I so strongly believe in addressing health problems from the root that becoming a holistic practitioner has become a main goal. It will be a while, but I need to keep it in the front of my mind so I do not just follow the career breeze wherever it may go. I do currently love my job, so it is not like I am in a hurry. However, I will need to go to a school to reach this particular goal. I want to pay off my current debt and cash-flow the school for the degree I will need. I am also an artist. I love painting and drawing portraits. Art is also part of my balance. If I am not doing art, I feel imbalanced. So getting JNL Creative off of the ground is also important.

Financial – Obviously, get out of debt. However, Jason and I really want to get a house, so we are saving up for a down payment.

Spiritual – I already  stated that I am going to become a priestess in my tradition.

Physical – My goal is to get up to 10,000 steps a day

Intellectual – To help me someday become a holistic practitioner, I am going to start by studying the human anatomy. Specifically bones, because that is the basic structure of everything in the human body.

Family – I want to spend more time with Jason and spend more effort talking to my family out of state. Including birthdays. Especially birthdays.

Social – I go crazy if I do not talk to people. So I want to spend a little more time with friends too.

These are the overall goals. I have broken these down into weekly and daily goals to help me reach the overall goals. I will post those later. This is good for now to show you an example. For some people, they may just want to concentrate on one goal, and once that one is complete attack another one. Find what works for you. I may find that this approach does not work, so then I will try another approach.


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