The trick to obtaining any goal is to keep at it. No matter how many times you fall off the wagon, get right back to it. Instead of beating yourself up, remind yourself of how far you have come and what you are going towards.

Will power is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. So every time you get back on the wagon, it just makes it that much harder to fall of the next time. That means that it is okay to fail. Learn from your mistakes and continue on. In most things, you do not have to be perfect.

It has taken me four years to come to the point where I can easily say no to products with gluten in them. Except when Jason makes his oh-so-nummy fry bread, or when I am having a small slice of bread as part of a ritual. Other than that, I do not crave those kinds of things any more.

It has also taken four years for Jason and I to really come to a point of agreement on money and how to spend extra that we get. Jason hates to not have any money for fun, so we would end up spending extra money that we could have put towards debt just because we had it and I was tired of saying “no” to him. Now we have a nice balance. We have our monthly budget and anything that is left over for that month gets put into a savings account where it sits for a month, in case something comes up. After a month, 15% goes to Jason and I to spend on whatever we want. There is a cap of $100 because we found that when I was working a bunch of overtime it is a ridiculous amount of money. When that happens, anything that is left over of the 15% goes either towards saving for a house or paying off debt. So, that leaves 70% left over, 35% goes towards saving for a house and 35% goes towards debt repayment. We are in a really great place right now and finally have a handle on our money. There were a lot of times where we got something that we just HAD to have, when really, we probably could have waited on it. It does make it easier that we do not have credit cards.

I have failed a class in college. That was the first class I ever failed. It devastated me. But I finished school. Two years later I was fired from a job. I was devastated then too. But I found another for a seasonal position and I kept looking and then found an even better than the place I was fired from.

A lot of things come easy to me. But I have found that the further on my path I go, the harder it gets. I keep at it because life isn’t easy, at least not a life worth living. I am in a good place and I have worked my ass off to get here. And I will continue to set goals and work my ass off to achieve them. It may take a while, but I will not give up. I may fail along the way, but I will push through. There is no other choice.


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