To Do List

Remember the past, look towards the future, stay in the present.

I absolutely LOVE “to do” lists. Love, love, love. It helps me to get what I need to do out of my mind so that I can focus on the task at hand. I think that I have finally found out a format that works for me. This has been a long time in the making.

For a while, I had a white board that I could check off my list. It had a daily section and a weekly. I also had a monthly white board. They daily and weekly worked out pretty well, but the monthly, not so much. The monthly did not work well because, well, I would have to update it monthly. So, I now have a calendar that I get from work. It is nice and big and has space for appointments my myself and Jason.

Then Jason commandeered my white board. Oh well. It was too small for my increasingly busy life anyway. Yesterday I came up with a solution!

To Do List
This little baby is pretty sweet. It is a little old fashioned; I write it all out myself on paper. But that is what I love about “to do” lists, writing it out and then getting to check things off as I finish them. I have my everyday things that I need to do in one column, things I need to do today for my household and things I need to do today for either JNL Creative or Lifetouch. I look at it everyday and if something comes up that I need to take care of, voila! I can write it down. Right now I am in the process of writing out at least a month ahead so that I can update it weekly with the Mission from Kelly (for those of you who do not know, I follow Fly Lady as inspiration for cleaning and organization.) and plan for the week ahead. At the top, I put an inspirational quote and if I have any appointments for that day. This will also help Jason (hopefully!) when I am gone to keep up with the house.

I have tried doing online organizers before and I just can’t keep it up as well as I can with solid pen and paper.

I am still trying to figure out how to fit in my goals that I told you about in previous posts. You will get to see the progression of how I work through that. I am determined to keep going at it. If one way does not work for me, I will try another. I will probably find 10,000 ways that it does not work for me. But if I stop trying, it will never work for me.


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