2013 in review.

January – I auditioned and became a member of Peninsula Artists in Motion. Yea! Other than that, everything was status quo.

February – My poor car died. Thankfully we had some money that we were saving up for the summer months when I would not be working to get a new to us minivan. Poor Protius/Shodan (Jason’s computer) died. We spent the rest of the year working to pay it off through the business, since it is Jason’s main medium for his artwork.

March – Jason’s hours were increased, but to do that he went to the night shift at his company. I also did the first fair/show with JNL Creative. It got our name out there.

April – In our debt payment, we finally got under $100,000! We were so excited. Plus we started a garden in a raised bed with zucchini, lettuces, broccoli, and cabbage. Very tasty.

May – The end of the school year. So substitute teaching stopped for the summer, as well as most work for Lifetouch. With having to buy the van in February, I had to get a summer job. I worked at Fred Meyer in the Nutrition department.

June – Jason’s car decided to crap out, so we needed to buy him another car. There went what savings we had…again. However, I did receive a promotion with Lifetouch to the manager of the Kenai Peninsula. The business also did a very good job at the Kenai River Festival.

July – July is when the reds run on the Kenai River and I caught my first fish. Jason and I caught enough fish to can 24 jars. Not enough to last us a year, but better than nothing. My mother came up to visit, which was nice. This was also the last month I worked at Freddie’s due to the promotion with Lifetouch.

August – I was very busy in August, getting ready for the fall photography season at work. Rushed to hire a person to be the second photographer. Jason was also given more hours with a different position within the same company.

September – Also another busy month with Lifetouch, working a crapload of overtime.

October – October was pretty much the same as September.

November – November started to slow down and the fast pace of September and October caught up to me. I was sick for almost a whole month. It also snowed for the first time in November, late start to winter.

December – This was not a busy month for me work-wise, everything was winding down. I was able to start getting the house in order again. Jason also finally got the position he wanted. With that, we were able to qualify for a mortgage and are in the process of buying one currently. We are set to close on January 30th.

So there were some good times and some bad times, but overall it was a really good year. I am excited to see what this new year will bring.


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