You need to know the why.

I have been listening to a lot of leadership podcasts lately. I just listened to a fantastic one about goal setting. Goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. But there is also one other aspect that is very important, the why. I need to work on some of the SMART aspects, specifically putting the MART into my goals, but first I came up with the why for all of the goals I posted at the end of last year. Since this coming week is Spring Break up here, I will work on getting the goals more SMART. Here is the why behind each of my goals:

Become a good leader: So that I can help bring out the best in people.

Holistic Practitioner: So I can help people take control of their health naturally.

Artist: To help people tell their story, and as an expression for myself.

Lifetouch: To help promote the positive growth of the youth in my community.

Become Debt Free: So I can pursue my passions without money worries.

Become a Priestess in my tradition: So I can help people on their spiritual path. So I can be a light shining in the dark. So that I can become a warrior against chaos.

10,000 steps a day (this is the only goal that meets all SMART requirements): To keep up my energy and keep physically fit. It is also a way for me to be a role model to those I help.

Study Anatomy: See Holistic practitioner for the underlying reason. This is to help prepare me to become a holistic practitioner.

Spend more time/communicate more with Jason: So we can grow together instead of apart.

Keep a clean house: This one is purely selfish, this is for me. I feel so much better in a clean environment and am much more productive.

Weekly visits with friends: So I can have meaningful relationships.

This will help me in my foundation of goals this year. The next step for me is to hone in on these and make sure they are SMART.


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