The Journey Continues

I have updated my intellectual goal to read at least one book a month. That meets the SMART requirements. Read or listen, I just discovered the overdrive app where you can borrow audio books from your library, it is awesome.

I am currently listening to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and at the same time reading Emotional Intelligence 2.0.

a suggestion from 7 Habits recommends that in order to keep promises to others, you must first take of the promises that you make to yourself. That made me think back to my post on showing myself the same integrity that I show others.

The purpose of Emotional Intelligence is to teach to how to increase that intelligence so they provide a test to tell you where you are at, and the best techniques to work on. My lowest score was in self awareness, specifically my emotions and letting the emotions take over. Big surprise there *sarcasm*. 

Anyways, the first strategy they recommend for me is to write down the values with which I wish to live my life by, and then also write down anything I’ve done/said recently that I wasn’t proud of. This should be done between daily and monthly. The idea is to get your values more ingrained in your head again, instead of on the back burner.

So, the values I want to live my life by:








I need to be True to myself; show myself Compassion in stressful situations or when I make mistakes; be Empathetic towards others, but not let their emotions cloud who I am; show the Integrity that I show to others to myself; know that I am Stronger than I think and I can build upon that Strength; live my life with Passion by having a Vision I believe in.

As for the second part of the exercise, yesterday I spent most of the day watching Hulu. I wasn’t completely lazy, but there were things I wanted to do that I didn’t do because of that. I wasn’t showing myself integrity. I also ate a whole Lindt chocolate bat. With hazelnuts. Again the integrity. I am cutting out sugar and alcohol because I don’t feel good when I have it.

 So this is something I will be focusing on, making small promises to myself that I need to keep.


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