June 3, 2014 “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” -Lao Tzu

Values                                                                                               Done

Compassion                                                                                      Pick at my face

Vision                                                                                                Yell at DH during misunderstanding

Caring                                                                                               Waking up late






Goals – Focus

Career – book five churches by 8/15, safety rally

Financial – make a plan and follow it

Physical – 10,000 steps/day

Family – ask the deeper questions

Spiritual – meditate 10 minutes per day

Social – contact 1 friend per day

Intellectual – read one book per month (this month Social Intelligce 2.0)


This morning I was able to make some headway about communication with DH. We talked about how each of us understands and receives information. He sees the whole picture and can immediately see where the problem is. I have to get there in a linear way, so it takes me a little longer and sometimes more information, in order to get to where he is. When answering questions, I need to check in (which I really need to do with everyone in general).

I had a very good chat with my boss about a couple of my coworkers and was able to get some understanding and good feedback on how they work and how to communicate with them.

With one, I need to give them time to think about things when I present things to them because they think they need to have the answer now. I hope they can learn to say “Let me think about it.” They person who hired me learned that and was very good about it. (I.e. I wanted to wear my vibram five fingers to work. They said to let them think about it and countered that I could if I got a black pair)

With the other, and honestly everyone else who is part of my company, I need to have a relationship with. We are a team and need to support each other to make this vision come true. So, we talked about how this person probably sees me. They might not see me as a threat like they do with someone else who is on the team, but I am still competition, and I am learning quickly. They have to deal with so many more people in the sales department where before they were the only one. Not only do they not get all of the recognition, they have to compete for time with the boss. Basically I need to figure out to be a team member and support for them in what they would perceive as a non-threatening way.


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