June 7, 2014

Values                                                                             Done

Truth                                                                               Yelled at DH over something insignificant

Compassion                                                                    Ate bread







Goals – Focus

Career – 15 no’s by 8/15, safety rally

Financial – make a plan and follow it

Physical – 10,000 steps per day

Intellectual – Read 10 min per day, one book per month

Family – ask the deeper questions

Social – contact one friend per day

Spiritual – meditate 10 min per day

Now, figuring out what is possible on full work days is hard. Hopefully I will figure it out. I didn’t quite get up on time, but only because of DH. He is quite convincing.

Trying to go for the no is interesting. You will noticed that I changed my goal from 5 churches to 15 no’s by this August. It’s a concept in sales with the idea that if I hit that 5 yes goal, I can stop. Instead, try going for 15 no’s and you will most likely exceed that yes goal. So I am applying it at the festival this weekend. I have a goal of tonight getting 500 total and have 472 so far.



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