The importance of having an inspiration board







I did not write an entry for June 12, 2014. So I have written a post about Inspiration boards!

This is my inspiration board/area. It is right next to my treadmill desk. There are some pieces of artwork that I’m fond of, a calendar that you can’t see but has beautiful pictures of Kauai, a photo of my co-worker whom started at the same time I did, some thank you cards, and some other thoughtful cards that have come my way. There is also a playing card from the Sailor Moon show, some photo booth photos of DH and I and said co-worker and I. There is also some buttons that are part of a recognition program at work hanging on an “award” I got for turning up the heat at registration last year. All of this was able to help me see that I am loved and that I am making a difference. There are also some photos that I took of my nieces. I absolutely adore these sweethearts. When I look at my inspiration board, I perk up.

So here’s why I have an inspiration board:

1) For those days I’m feeling down. I can look at it and realize that I am making a difference.

2) For those days I’m lacking in creativity. That is why I have Sailor Moon and some artwork that I like. Don’t judge. Sailor Moon has been a huge influence in my art and who I am. That show has encouraged me to be who I want to be.

3) To serve as a reminder of why I do what I do. Some days are just so frustrating that I need to be reminded of why I am so passionate about what I’m doing, and that it isn’t all thankless work.

4) To remind me that I am am not alone. That is why I have photos of family and people who are important to me.

How to make an inspiration board. 

Want to make your own? It’s pretty simple. Get a cork board or piece of foam core that has nice looking fabric stapled on it. The key to this is to only put things that make you smile. One of the things that brings the biggest smile to my face is the thank you letter I got from a third grader for being such a great substitute.

1) So thank you cards are a great thing to put up there.

2) Photos of your family and close friends.

3) Art that inspires you, even if you’re not an artist. I firmly believe that art helps us see the world in a different view and can help inspire us to be more than we are.

4) Any cards or letters that are special to you. Not all of the cards up there are thank yous. There is one that is a welcome letter from my manager when I was first hired. There is also a going away card from when I moved from Oklahoma to Alaska from the people at the company I was working with at the time.

5) Anything else that you think should be there. Anything that inspires you, it could be a Magic the Gathering Card, the key to your first car, anything that is special to you. This is your board and no one else’s.

Be sure to update your board periodically. If you find that something no longer inspires you or you no longer love it, take it off and find something else to replace it.



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