June 13, 2014 “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” -Bill Cosby

Values                                                                             Done

Integrity                       Caring                                          Not taking care of myself

Empathy                      Compassion                                 Not keeping my promises to myself

Vision                          Passion  

Strength                      Truth

Goals – Focus

Career – 15 no’s by 8/15, safety rally

Family – ask the deeper questions

Social – contact one friend/day

Physical – 10,000 steps per day

Spiritual – meditate 10 minutes per day

Intellectual – read 10 minutes per day, one book per month

Financial – make a plan and follow it

Wow. I think I finally learned my lesson. After a fair or festival, I need to give myself a day to me to recuperate.  Meditation, yoga, bath, and relaxation, otherwise I will throw everything out of the window like I did yesterday. Granted, Wednesday night I did not get a lot of surgery because Kiba’s surgery had been earlier. But I didn’t do a lot to take care of myself. No tea, fresh brewed anyways, I wore the same clothes. I did do some things, but the budget was just a thing to make me feel in control. Thankfully I got up the energy to put protection/prosperity oil around the entrances and finally put up the crystal barrier. But I didn’t do a morning or evening routine. So the culprit of that was, again, not giving myself the recovery time I need. Reminder: give myself recovery time after fairs, festivals, travel, and stressful days/weeks. Just do the morning and evening routines and you’ll be fine. I think that the more I work on recognizing my emotions and how they affect me I will be able to let them not affect me as much. I think that is a big part of the exhaustion I am feeling…it’s from the emotional roller coaster without managing the emotions..



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