June 14, 2014 “I didn’t fail the test. I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” -Benjamin Franklin

Values                                                                            Done

Integrity                      Passion                                        Eat oreos

Compassion               Truth                                            Eat Cake

Vision                         Strength                                       pick at face

Empathy                    Caring                                           went back to sleep

Goals – Focus

Career – 15 no’s by 8/15, Safety Rally

Physical – 10,000 steps per day

Intellectual – Read 10 minutes per day, one book per month

Financial – Make a plan and follow it

Spiritual – Meditate 10 minutes per day

Family – ask the deeper questions

Social – contact one friend per day

Stress is not my friend. I have not been meditating lately, so that might have to do with it. Also not eating that well last weekend. Also it is almost that time. And it’s hard to keep to a schedule with visiting family. This is frustrating to me. The frustrating thing for me in the picture taking days is that they do not always start at the same time. I think to make it the best for me is to figure out the earliest one I will need to be at and what time I need to get up for it and just make that my wake up time forever. At least during photo seasons. That way I don’t have to change the wake up time. That is what I did last year and it was not fun. The problem that I run into in the summer is I don’t have to go anywhere and when I’m not home, I’m at someone else’s place until at least 10 pm. Plus it’s so light out so late. I’m just frustrated that I can’t keep to a single schedule. That’s why I want to have different routines for busy days/days I will be out later. Today I actually got the dishes and sink shined before I left.

The only thing I can control is how I react to things. I guess that’s difficult if I can’t emotions.



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