June 15, 2014 ” A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

Values                                                                            Done

Integrity                      Truth                                            Eat Ice cream

Empathy                     Strength                                       Surfing net to get to sleep and wake up

Vision                        Passion             

Compassion              Caring

Goals – Focus

Spiritual – Meditate 10 minutes per day

Intellectual – Read 10 minutes per day, one book per month

Career – 15 no’s by 8/15, safety rally

Physical – 10,000 steps per day.

Family – ask the deeper questions, call non Alaskan family

Social – contact one friend per day

Financial – make a plan and follow it

I think I have finally figured out why I pick at my face. I usually pick at it when I feel i’m  not in control. In control of what? Life, I guess. But I’ve known for a while that the only thing I can control is how I react to things. When I stress out, I feel like I am not in control of the things I want to be and my emotions then get out of control, so I pick. Sometimes I feel inadequate and want to get the impurities out of my face – but it’s my emotions I’m not controlling. Now that I think about it, that is a big problem with a lot of people these days is that they let passion rule reason.

I’ve been trying to let reason rule passion, but my High Priestess never gave me any hints as to how to do that nor did I pick up anything while I was around her, so I did it incorrectly. Now I see that I have to let the emotions happen, recognize them and their source, then let it pass or handle it later if now is not the right time. That is how to handle emotions instead of just holding them back, not feeling at all or letting them run wild.

Last night I felt angry when someone at the party said she’s never heard of Dacia. She’d heard of Thrace but pretty much intoned that my tradition does not exist because she’s a “Greek history buff” and knows everything about it. Clearly she doesn’t as Emperor Titus conquered the Dacians and erected a pillar depicting the defeat of them. Granted, that’s Roman history. She didn’t like it when I told her she hadn’t heard of it as a Pagan tradition (and her understanding of Pagan was that it was a single tradition. “Pagan” includes pretty much any non-monotheistic tradition/Abraham-linked religion) was because it’s a strict tradition that is difficult to follow. I could tell she was a dabbler when she replied to what kind of witch I am that I don’t do magic for mundane things was “Oh, yeah. I don’t either. Trust me, I know.” That tells me she screwed up on a spell and was punished for it, and most likely because it was for a trivial thing that the Gods, Ancestors, or whatever entity she was invoking was not very happy to be bothered by. Eventually I paid her no mind because 1) she was drunk. There’s no arguing with drunks; 2) She’s a dabbler and not worth my time. She can worship whatever Gods she wants to, but it irked me when she pretty much said that because she hadn’t heard of it, my tradition doesn’t exist. So I left and didn’t bother with her the rest of the night. Hestia was borrowed from my tradition and is not of Greek origin, as she thought. Granted, many people think that she is. I guess I shouldn’t be upset about that aspect. Hestia is still honored an revered, that is the important thing. So long as they do not disrespect her it is fine. All the different Gods are part of the same divinity, just aspects because we cannot truly comprehend the whole.

I know my tradition exists. I understand that people have not heard of it. I am proud of me for just walking away. She is not worth the time or energy.




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