June 17, 2014 “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday” – John T. Tindsley

Values                                                                            Done

Loyalty                        Strength                                      Stayed up late surfing

Truth                           Compassion

Integrity                       Passion

Caring                          Vision


Goals – Focus

Career – 15 no’s by 8/15, Safety Rally

Spiritual – meditate ten minutes per day

Financial – make a plan and follow it

Physical – 10,000 steps per day

Intellectual – read 10 minutes per day, one book a month

Social – contact one friend per day

Family – ask the deeper questions

The line between compassionate towards oneself and excuses is very thin. Yes, it is okay to mess up or fall of the wagon. Once in a while  as long as you get back up on it. As long as the “I got up late because of lack of sleep/got to bed late so I need to be kind to myself and sleep in” doesn’t become a habit.

I’ve added another value to my list. I was thinking about some of the decisions in my life and why I made them. Loyalty is a big part of it. I am fiercely loyal to my friends and acquaintances. Which as I’m writing, gives me something to think about regarding my job. A lot of no’s  I have received have been because the prospects are loyal to their current vendor. That is something I value and respect. So I need to bring that out in my sales. I n ow have more respect for them and they are people I want to pursue because I value that loyalty. I need to show them how loyal I would be to them.

I had a wonderful happy feeling yesterday. And all because my work phone number was being changed. I don’t know that it was that specifically, or if that was the icing on the cake. Even though I had gotten up late, I got through most of my list. My number getting changed to a local n umber was something that I had wanted done for a while. Anyways, I celebrated by dancing around the kitchen. It felt good. The weather has been so rainy and cloudy that a little ray of sunshine, even one from inside myself, felt amazing. The weather has definitely been a factor in my mood. but with my yarrow tea, I’ve been able to be content.



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