Perfection is a lie.

I am not perfect. I never was, never will be. I distinctly remember a boy I was sitting next to in my fifth grade class say at one point “Well look at little miss perfect.” I told him that I was indeed NOT perfect. But something inside of me giggled with glee. Somebody else was jealous of me because he perceived me to be perfect.

It’s like today, all of my higher ups comment on how organized I am. BAH! I feel like I am far from organized because, while I have systems in place, I don’t use them all of the time and so do not get everything done every day that I want to. But it makes me giddy that I have the appearance of being organized, even if I feel I am not

I may not be perfect, but I strive to make myself better. I strive to live wholistically. I strive for balance. That is what I hope to inspire in others. I want you to make yourself better, to find balance, to question the status quo and conventional wisdom. I want to inspire you to think for yourself. You do not have to agree with me all or any of the time, nor do I have to agree with you. But disagreements make for great discussions.

Perfection is a lie. To be perfect means that nothing can be improved. If it comes to that, I think I would be bored out of my mind. Perfection is also the enemy of progress. This part has to be perfect or I can’t move on. I don’t have time to do it all right now so I’m not going to start.

JUST DO IT! I have been surprised at how much can be accomplished in 15 minutes. Even 5 or 7 minutes. I am pushing myself to do more art, to make more connections, to better myself, and I hope that by sharing my journey I can inspire those who read to do the same, but in their own way and on their own path.


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