June 23, 2014

Values                                                                                                                                   Done

Integrity                               Compassion                                                                     Raised my voice at DH over lack of clean pants

Caring                                    Passion

Humility                                Vision

Loyalty                                  Truth

Strength                                 Empathy

Goals – Focus

Career – 15 no’s, Safety Rally

Financial – plan and follow

Spiritual – meditate 10 minutes per day

Physical – 10,000 steps per day

Family – ask the deeper questions

Social – contact one friend per day.

Intellectual – Read 10 minutes per day, one book per month


Random thought: I love the gel pens. They write so smoothly. The only thing I don’t like is sometimes it smudges if the gel is not dry.

I am wondering if I need to try focusing on one thing per day. So, for instance I could do herbal research all of tomorrow, work on work stuff all of today, work on fixing clothes or things around the house on Wednesday, paint/draw or just general JNL Creative stuff on Thursday, paperwork on Friday, clean house and yard on Saturday, and focus on meditating and practicing energy manipulation on Sunday. My problem with that is there are things that need to be done every day. They wouldn’t need to take all day, true. Maybe I need to just start using my timer more so I know how long I will spend on something. If it doesn’t get finished, then I can work on it again tomorrow, or later if I find I have the time. I did start using my timer for my before bed and morning routines. That seems to  help, but sometimes I feel rushed so it might be about finding what a comfortable amount of time for each task is without feeling rushed, but not taking too much time dilly-dallying.

Originally, I was only going to the values writing everyday for a month, then go to weekly. But it’s such a nice down time for me that until it gets to the busy season (which just happens to be now, now that I am typing this up), I think I will continue daily. Then go back and forth between weekly and daily during the busy and slow seasons. This process has been extremely helpful. I am amazed at the progress I’ve been making.

Even though I recognized that I needed a day to myself to recover, and I did that, I want to find a better way to do it than lying in bed watching T.V. (Hulu and Youtube in my case). For part of it, I did listen to a book, but I was still in bed. I think for recovery a bath is good, which I did, but I would like to add yoga and meditation as well. Ever since I left P.A.M., I have not done a lot of yoga. So while I am moving a lot, with increasing my steps, I sometimes feel creaky because I haven’t been stretching where I used to do it a lot.

Back to the scheduling thing. This week I will try using the timer for each activity. Next week I will try a daily focus. Perhaps I coulsd use the wheel of life, since there are seven areas and seven days in the week, to guide the focus of the day.


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