Anything can be done…


…You just have to take the time to do it. If you don’t have all day to do something, but you want to get part of it done, give yourself a time limit. Then go set a timer. This is particularly helpful for tasks that you don’t like do to.

I like fifteen minutes. It’s amazing what I can get done in fifteen minutes, like the dishes. I hate doing dishes. But I set the timer and get it done. If I’m not completely done with the dishes in those fifteen minutes, I leave them for later (if I’m off to do something), or I finish up what is left if I have the time. It’s nice to see a shiny clean sink. I use this method for paperwork too. I hate going through paperwork. If I just do a little at a time, it will eventually get done.

But you have to remember, you’re never completely done, so this kind of thing needs to be done often. It helps if you’re a routine type of person. I thrive on routine, and let’s face it, humans are creatures of habit. So what you do regularly becomes routine, your routines become habits and habits kind of become who you are.

One routine I’m wanting to replace is being on the phone right before bed, as well as when I wake up in the morning.


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