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The truth matters…this is the connection economy


So if you haven’t noticed, everyone is more connected thanks to the internet. It has become so big that people can telecommute, buy, sell, and find pretty much anything they want via the internet. Social media has made marketing and customer service available at the touch of a button. People want to know who they are buying from.

People wanting to know who they are buying from is not new. Mom and Pop stores were who you used to buy from if you didn’t buy directly from the farmer, tailor, weaver, etc directly. You knew who the owners of the store were.

As the industrial revolution truly revolutionized how fast and how many of something could be produced, people began to become less and less familiar with who was making the products that were bought.

It’s all coming back around to wanting to know who you are buying from. And with that comes transparency.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too truthful for my own good. I don’t like not telling people the whole truth. I don’t like twisting words because it often feels like I am deceiving them. It is a weird thing for me to feel especially when people ask about my spiritual belief. It honestly makes me feel uncomfortable to tell people that I’m pagan because they are likely Christian and I REALLY do not like confrontation. I don’t tell them I’m Christian, I tell them that my tradition is similar to that of the Eastern Orthordox, which is completely true as most of the rituals are exactly the same and happen at the same time as my tradition. And there are other times where the truth is uncomfortable. But I am getting better at telling more and more of the truth when it comes to my tradition, but only if someone asks.

Often times, the truth is extremely uncomfortable. But then I see what happens to the politicians and companies who try to hide the truth. They get torn to pieces, not only on social media but legally as well.

“If you are ashamed to tell others what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it” comes to mind.

Truthfulness is part of integrity, which if you want to make it truly in today’s connection economy (if you want to learn more on the connection economy, check out Seth Godin) you need to have a strong sense of integrity.

I just truly don’t understand those who don’t tell the truth. There have been supervisors who have twisted words or not told the whole truth (“As far as they know, this is how it’s always done”) and I have lost respect for them. Is it just more comfortable for them? In the case of my quote, I think they were trying to make the person more comfortable. In that case though, I think that made us look extremely unorganized.

Transparency is important in so many things. I feel like transparency between employees and supervisors makes a stronger team. My honesty has given my higher ups a strong confidence and trust in me that they have told me about and thanked me for. And in return that is all I ask back.

So, here’s what I want you to do: look at your values. Where does truth come in? Are you always telling little white lies? If you are, are they to make you feel better or to make someone else feel better? Do you get caught in the little lies? What are the consequences?


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It’s going to be okay…just start.

I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to be a perfectionist. What I mean by that is that if I don’t have time to do something perfectly, I will not start it. Then things get piled up and I get overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start, what if people are upset with me?

Something that I have been working on is to just get started. Then I set a timer and I can be done when the timer goes off. The problem is finding/scheduling the time to finish it if it’s a project.

It’s also difficult for me personally because I don’t have a job where I have a set schedule. I thrive when I have a schedule and routines. Later this year that will change, but for now I’m doing the best I can. I just need to start. And start again. And just do.

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Oh the weather outside is frightful…

So slow down people! I’ve lived in Alaska for a little over four years and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you SLOW the eff DOWN when it’s slippery on the roads.

All you people down in the lower 48 are stealing Alaska’s snow so you better learn how to drive in it. If you don’t have four wheel drive, you better have front wheel drive. If you don’t have front wheel drive, stay home, borrow someone’s car who does have the specifications, or take a cab. AND DRIVE SLOWLY.

If you feel yourself start to slip, just take your foot off of the gas for a few seconds to see if it will correct on its on. If not, tap on the breaks if you do not have anti-lock breaks and try to keep the wheels straight. So if you’re slipping/spinning in one direction, turn the wheel away from that direction until the wheels are straight. If you turn all the way the other direction you’re likely to jerk the car violently if/when you do get traction back. If that happens, you can lose control of the vehicle even more.

You’re most likely to lose control around corners, but it’s also possible if you hit a random patch of ice on a straight-away, so the best way to avoid this is to SLOW DOWN!!!

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Anything can be done…


…You just have to take the time to do it. If you don’t have all day to do something, but you want to get part of it done, give yourself a time limit. Then go set a timer. This is particularly helpful for tasks that you don’t like do to.

I like fifteen minutes. It’s amazing what I can get done in fifteen minutes, like the dishes. I hate doing dishes. But I set the timer and get it done. If I’m not completely done with the dishes in those fifteen minutes, I leave them for later (if I’m off to do something), or I finish up what is left if I have the time. It’s nice to see a shiny clean sink. I use this method for paperwork too. I hate going through paperwork. If I just do a little at a time, it will eventually get done.

But you have to remember, you’re never completely done, so this kind of thing needs to be done often. It helps if you’re a routine type of person. I thrive on routine, and let’s face it, humans are creatures of habit. So what you do regularly becomes routine, your routines become habits and habits kind of become who you are.

One routine I’m wanting to replace is being on the phone right before bed, as well as when I wake up in the morning.

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Addiction and Depression, Two Sides to the Same Coin?

I’ve been reading some articles lately, and recently had a bout of serious SAD. I’ve considered myself addicted to sugar. More recently I’ve been finding myself watching a lot of T.V and browsing the internet. Part of that has to do with me being in a work environment that is not suited to my personality. I’m miserable, so I am taking steps to get out of that job and find myself one that better suits me.

Last January, I read a huffington post article on addiction. It was kind of a revelation to me, but I really didn’t do anything with it as I was concentrating on other things.

Then I read this New York Post article which reminded me about the article I had read last year. It got me thinking about how similar addiction and depression are.

If I stay home too many days in a row, no matter how many people I talk with via the internet or phone, I seriously go stir crazy. I experienced it when DH was away at tech school and I still experience. At the same time, if I’m around too many people in a day, all I want to do is be alone and escape in a fantasy book or T.V. show. I need a nice medium.

So what I’m saying is that humans are a social creature. If we’re isolated too long (no matter how introverted you are, you need SOME human contact, even if it’s less than extroverts) we are more likely to develop depression and/or addictions. However, if we are in a healthy environment where we have people who support us, don’t try to make us be someone we’re not, and generally have fun, even if we’re presented with an addicting drug (for example Percocet for pain after a surgery), the chance of getting addicted is practically nil. See the Rat Park study for more information.

Not only does addiction or depression have to do with having a good support group, it has to do with your personality and being in an environment where your personality will thrive. For some people (like me) they need a regimented routine, for others they can’t thrive on having everything planned out.

You also have to be eating right and getting exercise. Yeah, I know you hear this a lot. But seriously. It takes will power to deal with this shit. Addictions are not a disease like down-syndrome. You CAN break it. There are alcoholics who recover and are able to socially drink. Hell, after doing the research for this, I can no longer use the excuse that alcoholism runs in my family, so I don’t want to become an addict. I DON’T LIKE ALCOHOL AND HOW IT BEHAVES IN MY SYSTEM! For some reason people can’t seem to understand that…but that’s a topic for another time.

Will power is like a muscle. The more you use it, the better you become at using it. But I think there is an added part to this. You have to have some sort of support in what you are trying to do, and this person(s) REALLY have to support you. They can’t be just “yeah, yeah, I support you.” They have to be like “Yes, I will help you in anyway I can, just let me know what I can do for you. Do you want help with this aspect of it?”

For depression/SAD, if I’m not getting at least 5,000 steps a day (any less than that and you are considered sedentary, and 10,000 is the general consensus of professionals to be the optimum goal), I feel it. If I don’t take my vitamin supplements (D and probiotic at the least) I can feel the lethargy start to settle in. So now, when I start to feel that, instead of giving in, I go take my vitamins, plop myself down in front of my Happy Lite, and get going. If I don’t have anything pressing to do, I might take a walk on my treadmill to get the blood flowing.

The human psyche is extremely complicated, and each person is different from the next. You have to find what works for you, because what works for ME will probably not work for you. Just keep going, keep getting up when you get knocked down, find your niche of people who support you, find what foods and exercise work for you. Keep working at it until you get it.

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Pull the trigger and see what happens.

Everyone has triggers. Triggers for stress, sadness, happiness. People also say “buttons”. It is important to find out what these are for yourself so that you can recognize when something is going to elicit a certain reaction from you and you can brace yourself for it.

For me, I just recognized a stress trigger of mine: Paperwork. Specifically, if I have to learn how to do new paperwork in a short of amount of time but I am truly busy. I literally made myself sick worrying about the new way to do this paperwork and ended up having to send it in incomplete. On top of that, I think the stress was enhanced because instead of sending one package per job to one place, I am now sending two packages to two different places per job.

I seem to stress about making sure the paperwork is filled out correctly. I wonder if it is my perfectionism rearing its ugly head again. Yes, even though I am not perfect, I often find myself not doing something because I can’t do it the “right” way. It is the cause of a lot of my inaction. I have been working on it, but I still deal with it. It causes me a lot of stress because right now I feel like I have to catch up on a lot of things. I feel like I am barely treading water. I just need to remember that as long as things get done, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

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June 24th, 2014 – Spirituality

Values                                                                               Done

Strength                    Loyalty                                             Pick at face

Integrity                     Compassion  

Truth                         Empathy

Passion                     Caring

Vision                        Humility

Goals – Focus

Spiritual – 10 minutes meditate per day

Career – 15 no’s, safety rally

Intellectual – Read 10 minutes per day

Financial – Make a plan and follow it

Social – contact one friend per day

Family – ask the deeper questions

Physical – 10,000 steps per day


Yesterday I was still a little off kilter. I had a good meeting with my manager. My focus was not very good, and I still seem scattered this morning. I didn’t complete all of my before bed time routine, but I did some of it and got to bed ontime. I eve woke up ten minutes before my alarm. It might be that today is the Day of the Fairies that I am so scattered. I haven’t been working with energy a whole lot so the influx of it is unusual for me right now.

I wish there were more people who have the integrity and commitment to follow the Dacian path. It would be so nice to share the rituals and Sabbaths with someone. Sometimes Jason joins me, but only when he does not have to do something. I’m not going to force him; it is my tradition, not his. But it would be nice to have someone who understands what some call weird quirks. I do have other Pagan friends, but they think that it is odd that my Gods get offended if I do housework on Sundays or Sabbaths. I even frustrate Jason because I avoid spending money on Mondays or on the first of the month.

Some might say I only have self-fulfilling ideals when I say that I have been punished by the Gods for doing housework on Sundays or “Why weren’t you punished BEFORE you joined this tradition? Why are OTHERS not punished for the same actions?” The answer is simply because it is my tradition and the rules of it. Think of it this way: different countries, even cities and states, have different laws. What you can do in one country may be illegal in another. If you move to that country, you must now follow that rule or be punished. My Gods know who I am. They have strict expectations and if you don’t agree with them, that is fine. They are not your expectations to live up to.They are mine and those whom follow my tradition. The Dacian tradition is not, an easy path which is why many do not last long on it.

Everyone has their own spiritual path and it is up to each of us to find our own path. It is NOT up to others to dictate which path is right to anyone. Nor is it up to others to decide what is a “True” Path. That is what happened to many of the old traditions. Christianity thought it to be the only ‘true” path. It is not. In my eye, as long as you are not harming someone intentionally or forcing them to do something against their will, if you feel you’ve got a spiritual path, then I am glad you have found it.

So while I personally do not agree with Christianity as a whole, as long as you are not forcing me to try to become Christian or disrespecting me and my tradition I am perfectly fine being your friend. If you are a Christian, could you say the same?


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