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The truth matters…this is the connection economy


So if you haven’t noticed, everyone is more connected thanks to the internet. It has become so big that people can telecommute, buy, sell, and find pretty much anything they want via the internet. Social media has made marketing and customer service available at the touch of a button. People want to know who they are buying from.

People wanting to know who they are buying from is not new. Mom and Pop stores were who you used to buy from if you didn’t buy directly from the farmer, tailor, weaver, etc directly. You knew who the owners of the store were.

As the industrial revolution truly revolutionized how fast and how many of something could be produced, people began to become less and less familiar with who was making the products that were bought.

It’s all coming back around to wanting to know who you are buying from. And with that comes transparency.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too truthful for my own good. I don’t like not telling people the whole truth. I don’t like twisting words because it often feels like I am deceiving them. It is a weird thing for me to feel especially when people ask about my spiritual belief. It honestly makes me feel uncomfortable to tell people that I’m pagan because they are likely Christian and I REALLY do not like confrontation. I don’t tell them I’m Christian, I tell them that my tradition is similar to that of the Eastern Orthordox, which is completely true as most of the rituals are exactly the same and happen at the same time as my tradition. And there are other times where the truth is uncomfortable. But I am getting better at telling more and more of the truth when it comes to my tradition, but only if someone asks.

Often times, the truth is extremely uncomfortable. But then I see what happens to the politicians and companies who try to hide the truth. They get torn to pieces, not only on social media but legally as well.

“If you are ashamed to tell others what you’re doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it” comes to mind.

Truthfulness is part of integrity, which if you want to make it truly in today’s connection economy (if you want to learn more on the connection economy, check out Seth Godin) you need to have a strong sense of integrity.

I just truly don’t understand those who don’t tell the truth. There have been supervisors who have twisted words or not told the whole truth (“As far as they know, this is how it’s always done”) and I have lost respect for them. Is it just more comfortable for them? In the case of my quote, I think they were trying to make the person more comfortable. In that case though, I think that made us look extremely unorganized.

Transparency is important in so many things. I feel like transparency between employees and supervisors makes a stronger team. My honesty has given my higher ups a strong confidence and trust in me that they have told me about and thanked me for. And in return that is all I ask back.

So, here’s what I want you to do: look at your values. Where does truth come in? Are you always telling little white lies? If you are, are they to make you feel better or to make someone else feel better? Do you get caught in the little lies? What are the consequences?


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