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What is your why?

It’s hard to do a job when you don’t know why you’re doing it, or why you should care.

So figure out your why.

Why do I paint portraits? Because I like to tell other people’s stories.

Why do I write on this blog? So that people can see that they are not alone. Maybe I can put something in a way that will help someone understand what is going on. Maybe I can inspire someone do do something they’ve always wanted to do.

Why do I read? Because I sincerely love to learn. I honestly think that if you are not learning, you are not living, so what is the point?

Your why doesn’t have to be all that deep. If you are a cashier your why can be to help brighten the day of those who go through your line.

Or it could be the deepest thing. Your why could be the reason you live. But make sure that everything you do has a “why” behind it.


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Live and Let Live

Spirituality is important in one’s life, and there are many different paths. But PLEASE people, if another person is not harming someone, another’s property, or breaking the law just leave their spirituality alone.

Sure, a philosophical discussion/debate is awesome when it can expand your horizons. But for this to be possible, both people have to open minded to it and be grown ups about it. They can’t be easily offended. There are some aspects of philosophy that I cannot discuss with others because they are touchy subjects for me.

A person should not be criticized for being Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, etc. While I don’t agree with some tenets of different traditions or religions, I respect that they have chosen that as their path. Just because I don’t understand why they follow it, doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with them.

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